WEBO Angus


2017 Sale

WEBO Angus
11th Annual Production Sale

Tuesday • April 3, 2018
Lunch at Noon • Sale at 1PM (MST)
At the Ranch, 8 miles East of Lusk, WY


  • 74 Ranch Ready WEBO Bulls
  • 19 2 YR Old Bulls
  • 25 Commercial Open Heifers

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Webo Angus

10th Annual Production Sale

A couple of years ago, we started this letter with "What a ride it's been," but that was in reference to the excellent cattle prices. Well, that is again true, but it's because of the downward slide in cattle prices. It's been enough to take a person's breath away. We have been and keep building genetics that will excel and work for all of us in both up and down markets. Meaning, producing cows that work without huge inputs, cows that can hunt feed, wean a good calf and do well when cowmen and women are cutting corners so the bottom line shows some black ink. But, in addition, their calves have to work in the feed lot and fetch a premium at harvest, and must be super tender and a delicious eating experience for our customers. That's a pretty tall order for a cow that has to work in a harsh environment and stay in shape so she breeds back early for next year's calf. We believe the Angus cow can and does do it all better than any other cow out there. You can cross her and get a baldy that works here, but no matter what, the Angus cow is in the genetic mix of the really great cows that are producing the world's best beef.

We are still putting heavy selection pressure on AI sires and our own herd bulls to be great cow makers along with lots of feed efficiency. The bulls in the sale have plenty of maternal genetics for replacement females. We have used some sires that add some back fat. It sure helps for harsh winters and dry summers. Our young females stay in great shape and we have a marked increase in the number of 2 & 3 year olds that breed back early and calve in the first 21 days. Our cows are loaded with maternal traits, real world functionality, added fertility and their genetics will produce calves with extras for your buyers. We continue to follow the "Old Cowboy Rule:" put as much milk and performance as your environment will let you have in your cow herd. Our challenging range conditions keep us producing breed leading females that "can take it." The open commercial heifers in this sale will fit this profile.

On the performance side, we haven't dropped the ball. WEBO genetics still have performance packed in alongside the feed efficiency for your calf or yearling buyer, who are demanding cattle that have the genetics to produce a profit at every level. The feeder buyers are still paying premiums for cattle that have higher quality grades, perform & finish with fewer days on feed before harvest. The bulls in the sale will produce calves that fit that demand profile. No matter when or how it's sold, beef is still sold by the pound, be it live, in the box or at the meat counter. Selection pressure is still applied for carcass trait improvement and optimum performance. Here at WEBO, we strive for optimum and not maximum for any one trait. We just can't get along with big ole cows that demand lots of inputs. Our cows are run pretty much like yours, we summer on grass, (no creep for the calves), cake & hay in the winter.

We will be delighted to see you and your family sale on day April 4, 2017. We will have a great beef lunch served by the Niobrara County Cattlewomen. If you need more information, we will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about our cattle. Come to the sale, look the bulls over and make your own assessments. Please know we will stand behind our cattle. If an issue comes up let us know. We will do what is right and strive to correct any problems that may occur. We are pleased and thankful for the opportunity to be your source for high quality efficient Angus bulls.

Buttons York and Family
WEBO Angus

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