WEBO ANGUS 9th Annual Production Sale

Selling 75 Ranch Ready WEBO Bulls • 4 Broke Geldings from Manning Ranch

Dear Friends and Cattlemen

It has been a really rough year for our outfit. Back in 2014 when Waldon's brother passed away from a ranch accident, we thought things were rough. But then came 2015, we enjoyed the best cattle prices of our lives, but on a personal note it turned into about the worst year our family has ever had.

Early last fall Waldon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away on November 21st. Two weeks later, sister-in-law Linda York also passed away. Then a really close family friend also passed away two short weeks later. Needless to say, we had a hard time getting our feet back under us.

Waldon came first and the cows just kind of had to make it until we had a chance to get to them. When you are faced with some really hard choices, it's really good to know your cows will stand on their own until you can get around to them. We've always had the opinion the best thing about Angus cattle is the Angus cow. She will let you neglect her when there is no choice, she will take care of herself and her calf even when it's been on her too long. An Angus cow will forgive you a multitude of sins and still bless you every time she can. The Angus cow will just continue to do her job of raising a quality calf during wild markets, hard winters, droughts and manmade mistakes. Our cows have certainly stood behind us.

We still follow the "Old Cowboy Rule," to put as much milk and performance as your environment will let you have in your cow herd. We continue to search out proven, feed efficient genetics with plenty of performance for your calf or yearling buyers, along with solid maternal genetics for replacement females. Cattle that can produce a profit at every level are and will continue to be one of our main goals. Here at WEBO, we keep applying selection pressure for carcass traits and optimum performance. Simply put, our "business models" in Wyoming don't or won't let us produce cattle that demand huge inputs. However, we need to stay competitive by producing eye-catching, high quality feeder calves that demand a premium in the market place.

On a personal note, while we miss Waldon terribly and will never fill his empty saddle, we are going to keep WEBO Angus on the cutting edge in the years to come. Waldon was the W in WEBO, he is a huge reason we have been successful in the past. Elly, Odessa and I will continue to provide the quality cattle and service you have come to expect. Take a minute to meet Dakota Forkner and his family at the sale, as they have joined us here at WEBO and we are deeply grateful for Dakota's help and enthusiasm.

Please join us on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. We will have a great beef lunch served by Niobrara County Cattlewomen. Let us know if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help you. Come to the sale, look the bulls over and make your own decisions. We stand behind our cattle, if something comes up please tell us instead of just your neighbor. We will do what is right and strive to correct any problems that may arise. We really are looking forward to serving as your source for high quality, efficient Angus bulls for many years to come.

Buttons York and Family
WEBO Angus

Waldon York

Featured Sires

Vermilion X Factor X186

Vermilion X Factor X186 is a X Factor son we own who is super good on birthweight, we used this bull to clean up our heifers for 2 years. His calves out of heifers hit the ground light and stared growing. We now use him on cows. He has a boat load of performance, moderate milk, a great low BW dam by Danny Boy.

McD Performer 120

McD Performer 120 is a young WEBO herd sire, bred for feed efficiency. Basin Yellowstone R178 is breed leader for feed efficiency, he has sired efficiency leaders numerous times and numerous years at Midland Bull Test. The Yellowstones quite simply convert feed to pounds and growth with amazing efficiency. VRD (Vermilion Dateline) is a real plus in the pedigree, the VRD cattle are extremely functional, tough as hell and really put out feeding cattle.

Hilltop Granite 3215

Hilltop Granite 3215 is stacked for breed-leading performance that is built right in. His sire, Connealy Black Granite, a phenotypical standout stamps his calves with big tops and extra thickness. He backs up his EPDs by transmitting extra muscle and power with calving ease and carcass.

Directions to the Sale

The WEBO Angus 9th Annual Production Sale is being held April 5, 2016 at the ranch 8 miles east of Lusk, WY on Highway 20 towards Nebraska. Turn right (south) at Pfister Road and go 6/10 miles to the bottom of the hill. Watch for signs for further directions.

If you need additional directions, please contact us via phone using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Developmental Duplication (DD) Explanation

In August of 2013, the American Angus Association announced a genetic condition known as Developmental Duplication (DD). In very rare circumstances, there have been animals born that have an extra limb. The American Angus Association is not limiting registrations of animals in any way, and thus is not requiring a potential carrier animal to be tested in order to receive registration papers. The American Angus Association realizes that DD will have a very, very low economic impact on the commercial cattle industry. All the animals in this sale that were determined free of DD by either pedigree or DNA test will have an abbreviation of DDF (DD free) at the top of the pedigrees. Any animals that have not yet received the test results from the AAA will have an abbreviation of DDP (DD potential). Any animal that has a DDC (DD carrier) at the top of their pedigree were determined to be a single copy carrier of the DD gene.

First Year Breeding Guarantee

We offer a first year breeding season guarantee for the 90 day period following first turnout of the bull, for any injury that would keep the bull from being a breeder for the first breeding season. If a problem occurs, buyer will be able to exchange the purchased bull for a bull of similar value. If a replacement is not available, the buyer will be given credit minus salvage for the original bull purchased, that is to be used within one year of sale. Lack of care or feed (starvation or no water), human error or injury caused by purchaser will cause this guarantee to be null and void. Example: Deliberately running into bull with pickup resulting in broken leg.

Retaining Interest

We are retaining a 1/3 semen interest or revenue interest in all bulls selling unless announced differently from the auction block. Full possession and full salvage value sell on all bulls unless otherwise announced sale day.

WEBO Angus 2016 Sales Catalog (PDF)
WEBO Angus 2016 Sales Catalog (PDF)
(Updated March 13, 2016)

WEBO Angus 2016 Sales Flyer (PDF)
WEBO Angus 2016 Sales Flyer (PDF)
(Updated March 13, 2016)

Sale Day Phones
Buttons • 307-216-0090
Elly • 307-340-1499
Odessa • 307-340-1182
Lex Madden, Auctioneer
Cody Thompson, Sale Advisor
Curt Cox • 307-630-4604
Josh Keller • 307-340-0404
Sale Location 8 miles east of Lusk on Hwy. 20 (toward NE), turn right (south) on Pfister Road (by church) 6/10 mile. Watch for signs.
Rawhide Motel • 307-334-2440
Townhouse Motel • 307-334-2376
Covered Wagon Motel • 307-334-2836
Best Western • 307-334-2640
Food & Refreshments Complimentary coffee, rolls, and lunch will be available sale day.
Inspection of Cattle Cattle are available for you to view at Duck Creek Ranch 16 miles east of Lusk, WY on Hwy. 20 until Sunday, April 3. Call 307-216-0090 or 307-340-1182, and we will be glad to make arrangements with you to view the bulls.
Identification of Bulls Ear tags and freeze brands on right hip will correspond to the lot numbers in this sale book.
Herd Health Alpha CD, Multi-min and Convert given at birth.
May 15th, Branding-Pyrimad 5 + Presponse, Vision 7, Once PMH, and Multi-min.
August 9th, Preconditioning-Pyramid 5 + Presponse, Vision 7 with Somnus, Once PMH, Multi-min and poured with Ultra Saber.
October 21st-Vaccinated with Vista Once, Inforce 3, Vision 7 with Somnus Multi-min and poured with Dectomax.
January 7th-Vaccinated with Express 5 +VL5, Wart Vaccine, Multi-min and poured with Cydectin.
February 14th-Wart Vaccine, Fusogard, wormed with Safeguard and pour with Exit Gold Synergized.
March 11th - Fusogard
Terms & Conditions Cattle will sell under the suggested Terms and Conditions of the American Angus Association.
Settlement & Delivery All bulls are to be settled for sale day, unless prior arrangements are made. Free delivery is available within a 200-mile radius of Lusk, WY. Delivery beyond 200 miles at cost. We will begin delivering bulls within a few days of the sale. If you haul your bulls home on sale day, we will deduct $75 per bull per buyer.
Liability All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk, and WEBO Angus assumes no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents which may occur.
Supplement Sheet A supplement sheet will be available sale day with ultrasound data and updated performance as well as scrotals on all bulls. This sheet and all announcements from the auction block will take precedence over information in the sale book.